Monday, October 01, 2007

YGR # 12

CONGESTION NASALE - Le goût dans la bouche

YGR 12

CD-R -7 copies- (1€)
[Not available]

De nombreuses expressions utilisent le terme « nez » :

  • « Au nez et à la barbe »
  • « Avoir du nez »
  • « Avoir le nez creux » ou « fin »
  • « Avoir quelqu'un dans le nez »
  • « Cela se voit comme le nez au milieu du visage »
  • « Faire de son nez »
  • « Gagner les doigts dans le nez »
  • « Etre nezu »
  • « Mener quelqu'un par le bout du nez »
  • « Mettre le nez dehors »
  • « Montrer le bout de son nez »
  • « Ne pas voir plus loin que le bout de son nez »
  • « Passez sous le nez de quelqu'un »
  • « Pied de nez »
  • « Piquer du nez »
  • « Regardez quelqu'un sous le nez »
  • « Se casser le nez »
  • « Se trouver nez à nez »
  • « Sentir à plein nez »
  • « Tomber nez à nez »
Apollon et le serpent python.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

YGR # 11


YGR 11
CD-R -49 copies- (4€)

* is the musical collaboration between delphine dora and 'li.
It's an improvisation project which consists mainly on our two voices
together, and our 4 hands playing the piano. Sometimes, delphine plays
the piano, while 'li sings. Sometimes, it's the contrary.

SÆIEGLÎ:N , our first record, is the result of three afternoon of
improvisations (between february and april 2007).
Vocalizations between whispers and shout, wordless and imaginary
langage, avant-garde piano playing and ethnic primitive sounds: it's
almost what you can hear in this adventurous and free record which
explore the different sides of voice and musical exploration.

SÆIEGLÎ:N is under Creative Commons Licence. You can listen the whole record on our VIRB page.

Dora'li on Virb
Dora'li on Myspace


Friday, September 07, 2007

YGR # 10


YGR 10
CD-R + TAPE - - 33 copies (6€) [SOLD OUT]

On a shining star is where we meet for this marriage of cosmic folk and ye olde demonic blues. Capable of immediately cradling the listener on sad melodies and nightly melancholy, Wappenhalter frightens us a couple of minutes later with tremendous atmospheres and a sound that breathes human dirtiness. He awakens old shamans and calls them together for a grand psychedelic mass. What's resting is the perfect soundtrack for some ultra low budget horror series.

The cassette that comes with the cdr is the fruit of a 20 minute improvisation, recorded on one track. These are collages, drones and coagulated tears.

The cdr+tape comes in a special way too big packaging with 5 drawings/collages and one poem.

Edgar Wappenhalter is also a member of Silvester Anfang and belongs to the Funeral Folk collective.

- Drawings by Ernesto Gonzales (Bear Bones Lay Low)
- Music/words/lay-out: Edgar Wappenhalter

Thursday, July 12, 2007

YGR # 9


TAPE - - 13 copies (3€ at Salmonella / 5€ after Salmonella)

+ BONUS CD-R "La MARQUE DE CAIN" (new project)

- - - Congestion Nasale
est un des nombreux projets de la petite loutre en chef de Young Girls. Ici, la voix est le centre de l'attention. Bruitages, cris, respiration, étouffement.
L'écoute est vouée à l'échèc.


1: Do you need SALMONELLA tape ?
2: Je te connais, je te méprise et je te parle.
4: How do you feel today ?

1: p.IG COLD COLD pig.
2: Vrijvlamingen.
3: Arrête de me parler, ça m'emmerde
4: Tomber sur un objet pointu qui s'enfonce à travers le corps.
5. Voltijds dronkaard ?
6. Ma vie ressemble à une terre brûlée.

- - - LA MARQUE DE CAIN est un projet mort-né. Inspiré par la frustration et le manque d'énergie, les bruits de la gorge et les incentations vocales se rassemblent sous les signes paÏens pour former une colone de fumée guidée par le diable en personne. Il n'y a qu'une seule chanson sur ce CD-R, elle fait 5 minutes. C'est du psyché-drone-noise-vocal, il en est convaincu. Vous aussi maintenant.

La marque de C.

Monday, June 18, 2007

YGR # 8



TAPE - - 91 copies (5€)

by Maurizio Bianchi/M. B.


Dedicated to Batur Sonmez.

Maurizio Bianchi/M. B. used gelatinous comglomerates of consubstantial sounds, mixed with discretional eviscerated noises.

Antithetic metal crucibles for contemplative adherents.


Italian composer
Maurizio Bianchi (1955) produced his first tapes of noise in the early 1980s, at the peak of the industrial scene, but his chaotic dissonant orgies harked back to the musique concrete of the 1950s, despite similarities with Nocturnal Emissions, Metabolist, Whitehouse, early Throbbing Gristle. He debuted under the moniker Sacher-Pelz with the home-made cassettes Cainus (1979), Venus (1980), Cease To Exist and Velours, later collected on Mutation For A Continuity (Ees'T). They were all-instrumental collages of electronic sounds. Mectpyo/Blut (1980) was the first cassette to be released under his own name. Under the moniker Leibstandarte, Bianchi released his first vinyl albums: Triumph of the Will (Come Organization, 1981), which recycled material already released on cassette, and Weltanschauung (1982). His most relevant works came out under his own name: Symphony For A Genocide (Sterile, 1981), possibly his most terrifying work, Nh/HnMenses (EEs'T, 1982), another classic of horror-shock musical reportage, divided in two lengthy suites (particularly Scent). There followed less powerful works, such as the film soundtrack Morder Unter Uns (Mectpyo Sounds, 1982), and two "softer" albums divided in two lengthy halves each, Regel (EEs'T, 1982) and Mectpyo Bakterium (DYS, 1982), possibly his softest album of the decade. (Grafika Airlines, 1981),

He quickly return to his usual standards with Endometrio (EEs'T, 1983), his second artistic peak and the manifesto of his "bionic" aesthetics, the more accessible Carcinosi (EEs'T, 1983), Das Testament (Mectpyo Sounds, 1983), announced as his last record and containing two of his most extreme suites, and the film soundtrack Armaghedon (EEs'T, 1984), all of them comprised of lengthy free-form suites of noise. The one notable exception was The Plain Truth (Broken Flag, 1983), in the vein of German electronic music.

Industrial Murder (Banned Production, 1992) and Aktivitat (Zabriskie Point, 1992) collect unreleased and rare material.

After a long hiatus, Bianchi returned to music with a metaphysical trilogy of sort, Colori (Ees'T, 1998), First Day Last Day (1999) and Dates (2001), in which religious and philosophical themes dominate, and the sound is much calmer and almost ambient, while FrammentiAntarctic Mosaic (2003) seemed to hark back to his original style of the 1980s. These works, possibly influenced by new-age music, were much more relaxed and almost negated the expressionist power of his early experiments. (2002) and

Chaotische Fraktale (2003) and Letzte Technologie (0404) are collaborations with Frequency In Cycles Per Second (Sandro Kaiser). Zehn Tage/Touka (2004) and The House Of Mourning (Radiotarab, 2005) were collaborations with German duo Telepherique. Through these collaborations, Bianchi slowly returned to atonal industrial music.

The hypnotic Cycles (Ees't, 2004) explored different kinds of loops and pauses.

A M. B. Iehn Tale (Small Voices, 2004), a collection of "piano decompositions," (minimalist/ambient pieces for piano and electronic dissonances) and the double-CD Mind Us Trial (EEs't, 2005) continued his regression to darker moods.

M. I. Nheem Alysm (Silentes, 2005) contains two lengthy piano suites a` la Cycles (Ees't, 2004).

Blut und Nebel (EES'T, 2005), that "remixes" the first ten LPs of the early 1980s, is an excellent demonstration of Bianchi's skills at dadaistic collage, free-form improvisation and abstract soundsculpting, as accrued over twenty years of electronic manipulation. Noise is employed like an electric guitar to produce solos of manic intensity.

Junkyo (Noctovision) and Mectpyo Saisei (Para Disc) are collaborations with Aube.

New collaborations include: Psychoneurose (Manifold, 2005) with Land Use, one of the best of this phase, Final Signal (2005) with Frequency In Cycles Per Second, Secluded Truths (Silentes, 2005) with NIMH.

Bianchi's prolific career continued with Niddah Emmhna (Silentes, 2005), Neuro-munalpMen's True Hated (Menstrualrecordings, 2005), The Testamentary Corridor (Staalplat, 2006). (Small Voices, 2005),

The Epidemic Symphony No 9 (Octpia, 2006) is actually a work mainly by Japanese soundsculptor Hitosji Kojo.

Arkaeo Planum (Small Voices, 2007) is a collaboration with Italian sound artist TH26.


Interview by Marcello Aguirre
Interview by Alternative Zine
The sonic Abyss

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YGR # 7

WALDGANGER - Le recours aux forêts


(44 copies) 4€
1. « Promenade », solitude essentielle (synthétiseur, bol tibétain, samples, radio AM, effets)
2. Chasseur « fugitivus errans » (samples)

3. « Physis est Aleiteia » (synthétiseur Roland system 100, 1975)

4. « Physis kryptesthai philei » (synthétiseur Roland system 100, 1975, synthétiseur, samples, guitare)

« Personne ne sait mon nom, et personne ne connaît ce refuge ». Ernst Jünger
Composition et orchestration: M.C
2. Contient des bribes de « Les Bêtes sauvages et nous » lu par Roby - de «Vampire Planet » par Neil Norman
4. Contient des bribes de bombardements et de « Les Bêtes sauvages et nous » lu par Roby – guitare : Hadrien Peters
Guitare, enregistrement édition et mixage: Hadrien Peters @ home 2006-2007
Photos : Joachim Chapelle

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YGR # 6

K-Branding - Haircut


(50 copies) 4€

At the begenning, K-branding was a sextet of improvised music called at this time : "The Monday Guys". In february 2004, the sextet becomes a trio and takes the name "K". The trio is composed by Sébastien Schmit (ex-member of the band Quiet) at the drums, by Vincent Stefanutti at the saxophon and percussions and by Duby Grégory (member of The Invisible Frog) at the guitar. The first goal of the trio is to combine the freedom of improvised music and the violence of punk and noise music. After a while, effects take much place and the music becomes more experimental. The colour of K was found : a mix of free jazz, noise, no-wave, soundtracks,…

In November 2004, K released a 5-title cd-r demo and changes their name into "K-branding". The demo received an enthousiastic echoes from specialized press. The trio gives is first concert in february 2005. Six months later, the band played at the Dour Festival to open the Nameless Stage. Since its first concert, K-branding has played with bands such as L'Enfance Rouge (fr), The Chinese Stars (us), The Georges Leningrad (can), Cougars (US), Vandal X (b), DAAU (b), AIDS Wolf (can), Milgram (fr), An Albatross (us), …

In December 2005, the band goes to the studio to record a second EP composed of four new songs and two improvisation themas from the first demo. The EP is recorded by M. Bodson from Patton at the Magasin 4. Its name is ‘Das Ding' and it is released on the label FF HHH.

Haircut is a compilation of improvisations made during 2006 and 2007. All tracks are self-recorded at home. Mixing was made by Chloé Duby, mastering by Gil Kockelmans & Chloé Duby and photo by Sébastien Schmit.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

YGR # 5

YGR 05
Zoulk Session 01

Net Release

Les Zoulk Sessions, ce sont des sessions live qui s’invitent dans les émissions radio de nos athlètes asthmatiques préférés. Le premier hôte de ces Zoulk Sessions est le seul chef d’orchestre à moumoute vierge de Belgique : Eric Kool Strings.

Le Bozok Terror Trio est le premier invité de ces Zoulk Sessions ((((((ainsi que leurs congénères congénitaux Maxème © de MataNOmore © et Congestion Nasale du ventre de sa mère.)))))))))))))))))

La bio pour les Beefteaks:
El bozok grotesk trio was born somewhere between both ends of the 70's, but has only been activative since some sunny days in early 2005. We've never played for an audience, only for ourselves, rehearsing (sic) in bozok's living room, and now in the thomic bunker on the hill facing the grand towerz of tihange. Our style goes far beyond harsh noise; it's a story of executing our minds, swallowing our phantasmagoric ideas and, above all, killing our envy/needs of fucking. Please note that lady bozok has never been a member of btt/bgt. We only invaded her bathroom, as well as some other rooms of her ranch, and had no relationship with her.

Si le début de l’émission est trop sérieux pour votre taux d’alcoolémie du jour, veuillez passer directement à la 27ème minute.

- 01: Bozok Terror Trio (+ Congestion Anale)
- 02: Maxou (mouflet / camouflet) et Congestion Brutale (qui aime les lapins)
- 03: Toute la Famille

Enregistré à Liège le dimanche 25 mars 2007.
Deux heures avec du live, des dialogues de sourds, les sélections musicales de Ben, la voix suave et raffinée de Moumoute, Protection Enfant Isolés, …

Download here

Bozok Terror Trio
Kool Strings
Congestion Nasale


Friday, March 16, 2007

YGR # 4

C.Hilton/Y.Franck - a~matra

YGR 04 (SOLD OUT here, MANDAÏ is ok)
(50 copies) - 4€ -

Craig Hilton (USA) has been composing sound via elecroacoustic transformation and live improvisation for over 13 years. Trained originally as a classical guitarist, the sonic possibilities of «musique concrete " and other methods of sound manipulation/composition, led him to further study the primary idea of sound itself . Taking these techniques he founded the performance art troupe Center for Transgressive Behaviors in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, and remained their sound designer for several tours of the US and Europe. He also toured with the free improvisation ensemble, The Feraliminal Lycanthropizers, playing electric guitar and electronics and sharing the stage with Tim Hodgkinson and Franz Hautzinger in Europe. His continued interest in spectralist and post-concrete music resulted in the solo release 'L'Eve...' and a collaborative effort with Koji Tano's MSBR project. His recent collaborations with the legendary Maurizio Bianchi and Yannick Franck are scheduled for release later this year on Simple Logic (Poland) and Young Girls Records (Belgium) along with several new works to follow up soon thereafter.

Yannick Franck
is a multidisciplinar artist from Belgium, envolved in electroacoustic composition / improvisation and visuals.
His art could be qualified as abstract and meditative. By various experimental practices and processes, Yannick Franck underlines his relation to the world, observes and transforms the components of reality. Shade and light, vibration and resonance are delivered as components of his artworks.The datas of the physical world's permanent alterations, becoming naturally abstract, are asserted as (a)esthetic elements.

"A~Matra was a piece that realistically created itself in many ways . When i first received the original sound files from Yannick, i decided to take the more complex samples, or sounds that had what i felt to have many overtones or a certain amount of complexity inherent in the sound itself . As with all recent compositions of mine, i wanted to find the inner rhythm or tones by completely dissecting these sounds and use them to almost create going in reverse .. i.e. trying to create something organic/acoustic as opposed to usually the other way around . The result is a sort of orchestral instrumentation, sections that sound like tremelo or spiccato strings, and percussion can be heard, yet they are only hinted at, i'm always trying to create new "instruments" every piece i compose. As for the general outline or design for the piece, the sounds themselves created it, and with most of my pieces, i prefer not to have a general outline ahead of time, i let the sounds relationships construct themselves, a sort of homage to the spectralist idea. The title A~Matra comes from the Sanskrit meaning: «of indefinite measure, undetermined», which really applies more to the original compositional process than the the final product."


Monday, March 05, 2007

YGR # 3


YGR 03
(60 copies) - 4€ -

Oldman is one of the two founders of Man (with Rasim Biyikli). They released records on outstanding labels (such as Sub Rosa, DSA, Acuarela) and performed several pieces for theatre and dance show. He plaid also a part in Dreta Lorélie (a band labelled as “free-cabaret”).

Oldman began his solo project two years ago. There is something claustrophobic and agonizing about Mind ocean room, the ideal piece for a short film in psychiatric hospital.

Recorded in 2007
Composed and played by Oldman
Mastering by Matthias Delplanque
Artwork by Christine Bellin

Monday, January 22, 2007

YGR # 2

(50 copies) - 4€ -

Performed, electronically recorded, re-worked and orchestred by Ph.Maggi at home in the beginning of 2006.
Engineered and mixed by L. Meurice at home in november 2006.
Tracks contains samples and extracts from music written by Georges Auric and Jean Cocteau for "Orphée" (1947) and "Le Testament d'Orphée" (1960), two films directed by J.Cocteau.

"As a tale, a research on larsen and decadence of sound on a poetic melodramatic substance"

I - XIII (29min)

Phil Maggi