Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YGR # 6

K-Branding - Haircut


(50 copies) 4€

At the begenning, K-branding was a sextet of improvised music called at this time : "The Monday Guys". In february 2004, the sextet becomes a trio and takes the name "K". The trio is composed by Sébastien Schmit (ex-member of the band Quiet) at the drums, by Vincent Stefanutti at the saxophon and percussions and by Duby Grégory (member of The Invisible Frog) at the guitar. The first goal of the trio is to combine the freedom of improvised music and the violence of punk and noise music. After a while, effects take much place and the music becomes more experimental. The colour of K was found : a mix of free jazz, noise, no-wave, soundtracks,…

In November 2004, K released a 5-title cd-r demo and changes their name into "K-branding". The demo received an enthousiastic echoes from specialized press. The trio gives is first concert in february 2005. Six months later, the band played at the Dour Festival to open the Nameless Stage. Since its first concert, K-branding has played with bands such as L'Enfance Rouge (fr), The Chinese Stars (us), The Georges Leningrad (can), Cougars (US), Vandal X (b), DAAU (b), AIDS Wolf (can), Milgram (fr), An Albatross (us), …

In December 2005, the band goes to the studio to record a second EP composed of four new songs and two improvisation themas from the first demo. The EP is recorded by M. Bodson from Patton at the Magasin 4. Its name is ‘Das Ding' and it is released on the label FF HHH.

Haircut is a compilation of improvisations made during 2006 and 2007. All tracks are self-recorded at home. Mixing was made by Chloé Duby, mastering by Gil Kockelmans & Chloé Duby and photo by Sébastien Schmit.