Wednesday, July 16, 2008

YGR # 15

JEAN DL / NOIR - Interior

YGR 15

CD-R (5€)

Jean D.L.
Bercé par la perte des repères et des significations, Jean D.L. brouille les pistes. Atmosphères vaporeuses, temps en suspension, minimalisme et instantanéité. C'est dans l'imagerie d'une solitude angoissée et hantée par un sentiment durable d'égarement que l'artiste poursuit sa recherche de la singularité.
de Le Roeulx

Développe un univers lourd à la sonorité tendue ... Un paysage sonore envoutant qui nous entraine dans des contrée ou la fuite est impossible ...
de Tienen

YGR # 14

CRAIG HILTON - The Smoking Mirror

YGR 14
CD-R (5€)

The title of " The Smoking Mirror " comes from ancient Aztec mythology . It was the title given to given to Tezcatlipoca .. the soul of the world . The title of "Smoking Mirror" linked Tezcatlipoca to obsidian, a black, volcanic stone whose shiny surface could be used as a mirror. The darkness of the obsidian mirror symbolised the black/dark aspects of his being. Tezcatlipoca's bellicose nature related him to red . The original artwork for the cd is by Mascodegama , whose visual works i felt most complimented the Mexican/ South American usage of vibrant colors .

The piece unfolds in 3 sections . All 3 sections are quite similar in form . What i felt important in this recording ( as well in a good portion of my studio material ) was not to focus on one method of structure or a single sound source or sources altered throughout the length of the work .
Everything is used here .
Electronic sound sources , microtonal acoustic instruments , treated acoustics , found sounds , etc.
I felt that the main driving force should not necessarily focus on the actual " novelty " of the sounds displayed .
What drove these pieces was how they formed dynamically with the neighboring sections . No major themes are evolved .
It's as if walking without really taking the chance to see or hear everything in minute detail ... a large free-flowing cluster that has no beginning or end .
By the mythological nature of Tezcatlipoca , i felt this needed a much more dramatic point of attack more than anything .
I only wanted to construct something that would hopefully be as large sonically as the myth himself .

Track listing :

1. He by whom we walk ,
2. who is among us in the reeds ,
3. is an enemy of both sides .