Thursday, September 27, 2007

YGR # 11


YGR 11
CD-R -49 copies- (4€)

* is the musical collaboration between delphine dora and 'li.
It's an improvisation project which consists mainly on our two voices
together, and our 4 hands playing the piano. Sometimes, delphine plays
the piano, while 'li sings. Sometimes, it's the contrary.

SÆIEGLÎ:N , our first record, is the result of three afternoon of
improvisations (between february and april 2007).
Vocalizations between whispers and shout, wordless and imaginary
langage, avant-garde piano playing and ethnic primitive sounds: it's
almost what you can hear in this adventurous and free record which
explore the different sides of voice and musical exploration.

SÆIEGLÎ:N is under Creative Commons Licence. You can listen the whole record on our VIRB page.

Dora'li on Virb
Dora'li on Myspace