Friday, September 07, 2007

YGR # 10


YGR 10
CD-R + TAPE - - 33 copies (6€) [SOLD OUT]

On a shining star is where we meet for this marriage of cosmic folk and ye olde demonic blues. Capable of immediately cradling the listener on sad melodies and nightly melancholy, Wappenhalter frightens us a couple of minutes later with tremendous atmospheres and a sound that breathes human dirtiness. He awakens old shamans and calls them together for a grand psychedelic mass. What's resting is the perfect soundtrack for some ultra low budget horror series.

The cassette that comes with the cdr is the fruit of a 20 minute improvisation, recorded on one track. These are collages, drones and coagulated tears.

The cdr+tape comes in a special way too big packaging with 5 drawings/collages and one poem.

Edgar Wappenhalter is also a member of Silvester Anfang and belongs to the Funeral Folk collective.

- Drawings by Ernesto Gonzales (Bear Bones Lay Low)
- Music/words/lay-out: Edgar Wappenhalter