Friday, March 16, 2007

YGR # 4

C.Hilton/Y.Franck - a~matra

YGR 04 (SOLD OUT here, MANDAÏ is ok)
(50 copies) - 4€ -

Craig Hilton (USA) has been composing sound via elecroacoustic transformation and live improvisation for over 13 years. Trained originally as a classical guitarist, the sonic possibilities of «musique concrete " and other methods of sound manipulation/composition, led him to further study the primary idea of sound itself . Taking these techniques he founded the performance art troupe Center for Transgressive Behaviors in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, and remained their sound designer for several tours of the US and Europe. He also toured with the free improvisation ensemble, The Feraliminal Lycanthropizers, playing electric guitar and electronics and sharing the stage with Tim Hodgkinson and Franz Hautzinger in Europe. His continued interest in spectralist and post-concrete music resulted in the solo release 'L'Eve...' and a collaborative effort with Koji Tano's MSBR project. His recent collaborations with the legendary Maurizio Bianchi and Yannick Franck are scheduled for release later this year on Simple Logic (Poland) and Young Girls Records (Belgium) along with several new works to follow up soon thereafter.

Yannick Franck
is a multidisciplinar artist from Belgium, envolved in electroacoustic composition / improvisation and visuals.
His art could be qualified as abstract and meditative. By various experimental practices and processes, Yannick Franck underlines his relation to the world, observes and transforms the components of reality. Shade and light, vibration and resonance are delivered as components of his artworks.The datas of the physical world's permanent alterations, becoming naturally abstract, are asserted as (a)esthetic elements.

"A~Matra was a piece that realistically created itself in many ways . When i first received the original sound files from Yannick, i decided to take the more complex samples, or sounds that had what i felt to have many overtones or a certain amount of complexity inherent in the sound itself . As with all recent compositions of mine, i wanted to find the inner rhythm or tones by completely dissecting these sounds and use them to almost create going in reverse .. i.e. trying to create something organic/acoustic as opposed to usually the other way around . The result is a sort of orchestral instrumentation, sections that sound like tremelo or spiccato strings, and percussion can be heard, yet they are only hinted at, i'm always trying to create new "instruments" every piece i compose. As for the general outline or design for the piece, the sounds themselves created it, and with most of my pieces, i prefer not to have a general outline ahead of time, i let the sounds relationships construct themselves, a sort of homage to the spectralist idea. The title A~Matra comes from the Sanskrit meaning: «of indefinite measure, undetermined», which really applies more to the original compositional process than the the final product."