Friday, June 12, 2009



YGR 22
cd-r (5€)

Martin V. Canova said « drugs don’t work » & (translated by the Young Girls Academy of Smile) it means “everyday should be a holiday”.

Well, LA MUGRE ROJA is Martin’s solo project. This young & beautiful Uruguayan is a FIESTA ANIMAL core member (probably the best South American freak band ever ... with true young & charming girls).
LA SALETE ROUGE is LA MUGRE ROJA. Yes, it is. I’m pretty sure. Canova plays intoxicated & raw songs recorded & mixed on different cassettes (you know, that’s why he released that on a cdr).
He used self-made percussion instruments, Creole guitar & television to create something like that: no- fidelity-orchestra-called-by-a-psych-garage-ensemble -will-destroy-drugs-with-drugs-in-harmony-with-the-ghost-of-Tinky-Winky. (not very funny)

The last track is a long psych & tribal odyssey recorded with a lovely drum & percussion demoiselle duet (Bianca Visconti & Ana Arioni).

Insert poetry & liner notes by Martin himself.
The cover painting is from Antonella Moltini & the layout (?) was made by Julia Saldain.