Wednesday, May 20, 2009



YGR 21
Tape - 5 € -

Primitiv & no-fi vocal duet from UK. Awesome free a'capella attack (throat effects, vocal incantation, ...). Somewhere between a rainbow in the african sky & a young girl singing alone behind Marty Mc Fly's future.

Veteran of the UK scene ... members of Slow Listener, running Archivo de Sangre de Dios & the old & obscur Curor imprint (since 1994 i think).
The duet is on a very fine vocal-focus compilation with Phil Minton, Dylan Nyoukis, ID M Theft Able, Usurper ... ETC. ETC. ...
Another cassette were released on the mighty Scumbag Relations dream team.
Follow the way.

Mini b&w poster (size: A4) ... a VEGETABLE SUN (ooohh man !!!) by the father Bart de Paepe (Sloow tapes, Silvester Anfang II, ...)
+ Other drawings, spacy collage & bullshit by young girls.
Every copy is different. Every hereharehere listener is a rainbow.