Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YGR # 16

AL AMOR DE LA LUMBRE - lumière hostile # 2 -

YGR 16
CD-R (5eur)

Since 2003 Al Amor de la Lumbre is a french band gathering Alix Marchetti and Stéphane F. in a musical exploration of all kinds of instruments (piano, balalaïka, synths, guitars) and different methods of playing and recording : sampling, recording through a telephone, tapes, dictaphone, collages, improvisation...
Alix Marchetti and Stephane F. met in 2003, in a bar in Amsterdam. Al Amor de la Lumbre, as they named their band, quickly started rehearsing, mostly in squats and abandonned building, and before an audience made of other local musicians (usually belonging to the new wave / industrial / experimental scene) and also some art galleries owners. Several gigs were organized in their native town Nancy (France) from 2003 to 2006 and they played for several art exhibitons, also with Alix's father, the contemporary artist Jean-Michel Marchetti (who recorded a song with Alix, as a child, with his long-time friend Robert Wyatt, entitled "Dondestan").

But the main inspiration source is their own lives, dreams and experiences ; reality meets fiction and dreamt lives.